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lifesmart heater keeps shutting off

December 30, 2020    

Runs all the time. Two heating modes a 750w mode and 1500w mode. With a wattage of 1,500 and high, low, and auto energy-saving modes, this heater can be the ideal choice if you are keen on heating large indoor spaces efficiently. Original 1500-Watt Infrared Portable Space Heater with Dual Heating System Dr Infrared Heater, newly engineered and Dr Infrared Heater, newly engineered and designed in the US, is one of the best alternative and most efficient heating sources for you this winter. Heater runs 1 cycle then turns off Replaced 301 80C 16A thermostat, purchased on ebay for $6.00, fixed problem. In essence, in the High mode, the heater produces “more” heat, rather than “faster” heat. Pin 1 +1. Also the thermostat is way off, or not calibrated correctly. Typically, if the case is somehow obstructed from free airflow, the sensor may detect it is too hot and give the error code. To disconnect the heater: FIRST, turn the power button to the “off” position, then remove plug from the wall outlet. Edit: 10-21-18: out of curiosity I opened the unit up and diagnosed it. 2 of the three heaters have failed. Then if something happens again we have to pay shipping again! 2 work fine, but the third is a constant E1 code. But for now at least thats something. We discuss the possibility that some manufacturers may build in an intentional fail feature so people will be placed in a position to buy another unit. I have compensated for this by turning the heat down on this one particular Lifesmart space heater. The people posting on this site have a legitimate complaint. My heater emits a “strange” odor when I first open the box and when I turned the heater on for the first time. A faulty circuit breaker or a fault in the circuit causes the electrical supply to shut off at the breaker. I managed to reach customer service and they had me to try a couple of different things. You can use your lifesmart corp infrared heater in all cold or uncomfortable areas in your home including finished basements, a back bedroom, an office down the hall, etc. This is normal. I have already replaced one unit where I bought it and the new one works … Within the first month the unit started shutting off after 3 minutes of use. Will I be able to use the heater in a basement or garage? If my heater runs on approximately 1500 watts, how many BTUs is that? I've had a LifeSmart heater for over 3 years and never had a problem. It is still under warranty. It seems to get hot and needs to be unplugged and allowed to cool down before it starts working again. The China thermostats have a problem with the ceramic, that is breaking down after a short period of use, causing the heater to become erratic, and even inoperable. Your electric space heater may fail to work for a number of easy-to-fix reasons. Put unit on top of cabinets and ran it, still e1, took compressed air to fan, power board, front control panel, and everywhere else, problem solved. The 6-element infrared electric heater features 6 quartz elements and 3 heat settings: 1000 watt/1500 watt and ECO, which maintains a constant temperature of 68 degrees. These are both normal because our heaters are treated with a special heat safe, resistant coating. It's out of warranty, so I'm going to try and fix it myself. When I received them I took the unit apart and changed both pieces and the unit ran fine for one winter. ZOKOP 22.5" H Electric Fireplace Stove Infrared Quartz Heater - ETL 1500w Infrared Space Heater with 2 Heat Settings, Overheat Shut Off Protection, Rome Heater For Home Indoor Use, Black: 8.8: Buy On Amazon: 5: Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Infrared Deluxe Wood Cabinet & Remote: 8.6: Buy On Amazon: 6 Unless lifesmart corp was the direct shipper, shipping damage should be addressed with the shipping company, retailer or place of purchase. Call your local plumber, Magnificent Plumbing for expert advice to get your gas water heater back to consistent function. Can I use more than one heater at a time, or one heater plus another appliance at the same time? Yes, while in use the unit’s power light normally blinks in both standby and heating modes depending on your specific model. My home is not insulated very well and I live in a structure that exceeds the square footage indicated. (Example: 1500 Watts vs. 750 Watts +/-). The front of it does not AMD wont turn on. I call them back with my concerns and my concerns of even having to try and fix this and I was told I can have them fix it but I have to pay shipping BOTH ways. Extensive ETL-US testing has verified the safety of the lifesmart corp line of infrared heaters. However if the unit is set to max temp the unit keeps running but the control panel will not function. i tried the "rocking the heater unplugged"...and worked!! I have decided to send them the picture of the melted wires and just buy a new one from another manufacturer. I didn’t like that the fan shuts off when it’s not heating. It is the overheating sensor, which is part KSD301, a ceramic disc that acts as the overheat sensor. A failure in any part of this system can cause a water heater to shut off. TO DETERMINE THE COST OF THIS OR ANY 1500 WATT APPLIANCE, USE THIS FORMULA (SINCE 1500 WATTS = 1.5 KW) USE “1.5” X “(THE COST OF EACH KW HOUR ON YOUR BILL)” = “THE COST PER HOUR OF OPERATION.”. I found the all to common E2 message is a loose thermostat wire it simply has to be reconnected (a very cheap clip was used to secure it to the board. Yet, there are times it also completely shuts down and I have to turn the switch back on to get it operating. I believe the problem is with that sensor thing toward the front, but who knows with these things. I thought about it and we are concerned about this unit with the melted wires and I would never feel comfortable leaving it on! I am very experienced in electrical and electronic repair. If you’re unsure what a GFCI outlet is, contact a certified electrician. They have a quality problem on a part that retails for less than one dollar, that permits the unit to randomly turn itself off. After troubleshooting online for about 30 minutes the rep took down my info and sent me a new power supply board and a thermostat. I think you should reimburse us for the bad products you are selling. This year when turned on got E1 code. This sometimes resets the sensor. 6. If it has sat for awhile, like a few hours, it takes longer for it to happen but once it's warmed up, it goes back to shutting off after just a few minutes. Note: If your room temperature is too close to the “set” temperature, the heat may come back on before the fan shuts off, making it seem as if the fan is on at all times. For this reason, your set temperature should be about five degrees higher than your intended room temperature, so the fan is allowed to actually shut down before the heat comes back on. The Dr. Space Heater has several features that make it one of the most reliable electric heaters for 800 square feet spaces. does anyone know what could be wrong? If you have just turned on the heater, give it time to … Note: If you feel that the elements are definitely faulty right out of the box, contact lifesmart corp technical support first (for troubleshooting). Of course that means I'm only getting half the amount of heat that the unit should provide. will re post if it shuts down again. As another said, they use them to fill pot holes. Consult your owners manual for additional details. Absolutely – Our infrared heaters have no flame or fumes. i notice only the one wire gets hot, the bottom one. The higher cost is due to the higher performance. Same model...Same problem...twice. If your electric fireplace keeps shutting or turning off, and won’t stay on: The temperature in the room may be reaching the temperature set on the electric fireplace’s thermostat. Our Heater kept shutting off as well. Hot tub has no power when plugged in it started tripping the dedicated electric box first. 1. It will run about 20 minutes and then shut down. Can't seem to fine anything to do about it, it like it not even plug up!!! The fan continues to run so that every last bit of heat is blown out of the heat chamber, while allowing the unit to continue filtering your air. If the unit has tip-over safety protection: To reset, simply place the heater in an upright position on a level surface. Is that a lot of heat? An oscillating base assures heat is evenly dispersed throughout the room. We called and they sent us a part that truly would and should have a QUALIFIED electrician take care of. There are a bunch of them out there with this problem. Do you have it on a GFCI? My sister works at the local news station here and I am sending her this story and all the pics of what this heater looks like with all the melted wires. First thing after opening the unit my husband notices that the wire leading to the power switch is melted! Troubleshooting. This whole warranty thing is not right! Per your owner’s manual, the heater comes with an automatic limited manufacturer’s warranty at the time of purchase (assuming the heater is purchased from an authorized dealer and that you are the original purchaser—verification may be required). If none of the above are applicable, you need a new thermostat and, for some units, a new power board. Definitely, yes – If the heater is used as it is intended (as supplement or assisted heat), it should cycle on and off, allowing it to heat a total of approximately eight out of the 24 hours of the day. If not, then the heater will not be able to breathe the way that it should, causing it to shut off. The heater’s fan speed is not affected by the HI/LO settings. Setting the Function Note: The Power-Off-Timer Function will allow for the heater to power OFF after a certain set time, and can only be set while the heater’s display is in the “On” position. Your email address will not be published. Infrared heaters concentrate on heating people, pets, and objects before heating the actual air, without changing air moisture levels. Just get a real one. I did the shaking thing and it has not quit since. Well I'm back, my unit is now shutting down without displaying the error code. Is that normal? Cleaned filter, no go, pulled unit out of cabinet and checked all connections for heat, checked fan for dirt. After installing 3 different thermostats made in China, I found a U.S. manufacturer named Senasys that I ordered from. I hope this helps. If you have an ohm meter, it will test open when the unit fails. I told her that would be just like buying a new one. I do suspect that the over temp sensor is the problem as ours will run most of the night on high without shutting down. Would wake me up at night. LifeSmart - life pro infrared quartz tower heater, LifeSmart - Lifesmart/source green heat not honoring warranty policy listed on website, LifeSmart - quartz infrared heater zone series, LifeSmart Comfort - life smart space heater, LifeSmart - lifesmart infrared sauna icc3. I don’t have a grounded outlet; can I use adapters, a two-prong power strip, or remove the ground prong from the cord? Most units are equipped with a master power switch on the back. If you get code E1 on your Life Smart heater, take and blow out your filter on rear on heater, and blow out inside of heater from front and back … Buy your thermostat from a U. S. manufacturer, as I did and it will solve this problem. ... light and temp control on the display don't do anything if pressed. An infrared heater is a zoned furnace that uses a miniature heat chamber, infrared heating coils, a solid-state electronic control system, dual high and low limit switches to regulate temperature and air flow. Customers with smaller rooms experience quick heat changes while those with larger and open floor plans can expect up to 24 hours for heat changes. Where is the remote control and users’ manual? Here are some common reasons that portable electric heaters shut off: The thermostat on the heater is not set high enough.The heater needs to be reset due to an overheat situation. Do you have the heater at least 2-3 feet from the wall or any coverings (curtains, etc)? My unit smells like something is burning awful smell, your [protected] Not taking any calls, the [protected] is always busy- what the hell is going on here. Although it is an indicator, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is overheating. I removed the front control panel and let it hang in front of the unit, this solved the shutdown problem and the overheating of the board. EXAMPLE: TO CALCULATE PER HOUR: TAKE 1.5 X .10¢ (COST PER KWH) = .15¢ PER EVERY HOUR YOU USE THE HEATER. Totally have the same problem. Your receipt is considered your proof of purchase. Press the Timer button on the heater’s control panel … Once it's warmed up, it happens within a few minutes. © 2004-2020 You sure took our money for your products & oh boy you sure made money on us. Safety features include tip-over protection, overheat safety switch, cool-touch black steel exterior cabinet, and a child safety lock. well my Life Smart plug in and it does nothing!! Keep in mind that with any type of heating process, there are many variables including location in the home, floor plan and size of the room, how well the room is insulated, how many doors/windows, how much bare concrete (acts as a heat sink with any type of heating), the opening and closing of an exterior door, long hallways, high ceilings, etc. Used the heater for 1 winter. The best way to handle this issue would be to contact the company from which you originally purchased the product. The heater shutting off corresponds with how hot that little sensor is, again, from resistance not from the heater itself. Lasted a couple years. It should test closed until a temperature of 60 degrees C is reached. Double check the box, sometimes the remote control or users’ manual can fall down under the packing. I am also going to send her a copy of all these problems that people have listed on here. One circuit alone can be connected to several wall outlets, some lighting, or even in-home entertainment systems. Worked fine for about a week and then started the E1 error code. An overcurrent protective device at your home’s main electrical panel shuts down power before any damage can occur during an overload – usually, it does this by tripping a circuit breaker. Share. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Infrared heaters are the most economical way to heat an area. I have ordered a new sensor. pretty sure that's the problem. Have you attempted to disconnect for 15 mins and let it cool off, then re-connect? My heater works fine on low, but shuts off after about 10 minutes on high. I don't mean it gets hot from the hot air it gets like, electrically hot like there is a lot of resistance there. This can sometimes cause power failures and give false positives. I found that if I run the heater on the low setting it works fine. LifeSmart Heaters Keep Your Home Warm & Comfortable During The Coldest Months Of The Year. I am afraid it will burn the house down, Purchased a heater from you had it plugged in all of a sudden we look over and it's on fire could have killed us. I replaced the switch with a much heavier one then replaced a heavier gauge wire to the board. once the thing beeped and was ready to power on, it stayed on that whole night. Why doesn’t the fan speed increase when I change the setting from LOW to HIGH? That means you have some reason why the heater is not shutting off when it reaches the set temp, but the temp reading on the display is reading accurate because the water is actually getting too hot. Jim, Jim, Then I am looking into whatever else I can possibly do to get someones awareness and attention!!! “Circuit” refers to a series of connections between the walls that is controlled by one circuit breaker at your breaker panel. Customize your comfort with this 1,500-watt space heater's 2 heat settings, energy-saving ECO mode, 12-hour timer, control panel, and remote control. Aestu onus nova qui pace! It didn't start to happen consistently until relatively recently. There is no electrician at my house. On average, infrared heaters use 35% less energy than conventional electric furnace, baseboard, and fuel-based heating systems. Contact your place of purchase second. Keep it in a safe place. This infrared heater is an ideal supplemental heat source for up to one room in the home. (TRI-X ® filters are dishwasher-safe.) If you do not get any air flow, make sure the fans are turning. I have cleaned the filter and checked the unit completely. (Yes, i took a risk … If your gas water heater keeps shutting off look into these 5 aspects of your water heater. Have not see anyone else with this problem but if smoke detector had not went off before leaving for work my house would have surly caught fire. I didn't realize it until i came across this complaint thing. Anyone know how to point the better business bureau at this product? Your products are terrible. Our fans’ standard shut-down time is between eight and 30 minutes depending on the model (less, when the power is turned off). Most people throw it away, and buy another, but the part is $6.50 for 5 shipped off [email protected] There is a good video on y0utube showing how to disassemble and remove the KDS301. Instead they use clean infrared heating elements to provide the energy. It isn't like there's different things going bad like bulbs burning out or fans smoking. Cross your fingers. Turn your unit around and look to see if it has this feature. I plucked out the little sensor thing at the front of the heater and ran the heater to see if it would stay on with that thing out of its hole, no joy. cleaned the filter which wasn't dirty, unplugged and plugged back into different outlets throughout the house, still doesn't work. I turn it on, starts to heat up. Picture it as a “check engine” light on your car. The costs will increase if it’s used as the single source of heat, since the “on” cycle will run longer. If you lost, or can’t find your manual, you can download a new one on our website. ! has been on for over a day now, no ER great, knock on wood. Plugging other items into the same circuit will risk tripping breakers, fire, damage to property, or injury may result if requirements are not met. If you’re unsure whether your circuit meets these requirements, verify with a certified electrician prior to installing or committing to our product. I check heater and front unit says off but heating element is on but fan is not. I have a unit ls69xxxxxx and it does the same thing, but it is about one year old. I have noticed that on at least one of my heaters that when I set the temperature on 72 degrees, it somehow climbs to around 80 degrees and never does shut off at the right temp. The fan is designed to vent the heat at one soft, comfortable, and energy-efficient speed. i checked the connection on there and it's loose on the bottom connection. Definitely NOT! If you do use your heater in a garage or basement, the moisture levels must be very low and they must have dedicated circuits (15 amps minimum) with no GFCI outlets. A standard space heater only has the capacity to heat the air in the room, a less efficient alternative, and changes moisture levels in the air. Have questions about your new lifesmart heating product? The heater shutting off corresponds with how hot that little sensor is, again, from resistance not from the heater itself. Where are infrared heaters used most often. Honestly, i think that was a fluke. Place this unique infrared heater flush against your walls. I will also see if I can get some pictures and post them here. What should I do if I receive my heater damaged after shipping? Yes. Removing or altering any part of the heater’s original design or intent (including the power cord) will not only void the warranty, but will make you liable for any unexpected or hazardous results. Once the internal heat chamber and components cool completely, the fan should then shut off on its own. I noticed that little sensor thing gets hot while the heater is running, like too hot to touch after awhile. 13. The second winter (now) 1 month into the winter, it began shutting off again. I too had E1 code but once I fully unwrapped the cord from the back storage pegs so it wasn’t blocking that thermistor thingy it worked fine. Rinse your filters every month to keep clear water flowing. From the sheer volumes of people online reporting the same exact fail I feel this may be what we are experiencing. (Yes, i took a risk and was handling that thing while the heater was running. It may take several minutes, to several hours to heat your area, depending on various factors. Safety standardization organizations require each owner’s manual to have general guidelines as far as BTU coverage. Share. Yes, I too have one good one, and one new one which is defective. Rinse the underside of your hot tub cover frequently with a garden hose to keep algae, mold, and mildew at bay. to Fix standing at front, Remove left side panel, two small screws hold thermostat in place. it seems once it gets to a certain temperature it shuts off. The unit can also be used in fan mode to cycle air throughout the room without adding heat. @Foozler Ken I had same issue, had this for a year, keep getting e1 code, after 20 min. pretty sure that's the problem. If you are sensitive to odors, you may want to pre-burn the unit in a vented room until the initial odor dissipates. The answer to these questions is the same. Mine does the same thing. 14. Can the heating elements be replaced? Do you have it on an extension cord or surge protector? I bought my unit 2 years ago. If you don’t have a grounded outlet, contact a certified electrician for advice on how to upgrade your home. I bought one of the lifesource heaters about a month ago and just started using it as the temperatures are dropping. Check the front of the heater for any clogs. Why do quartz infrared heaters cost more than a space heater? If this still occurs after the steps have been reviewed, we can isolate and address the issue if any: I will check the sensor and tighten the connections if possible and then re post if it works. I have 3 heaters from lifesmart. Would like to talk to somebody from the company immediately we will be telling everybody about this if not [protected]. This is normal. Make sure to clean the front grill of the heater regularly to keep heater's air flow from being restricted. This is normal. Same as above. Check Heater Guard Rail. Ensure that the dial is set above the current room temperature or the fireplace heater will keep shutting off. Typically heat time will vary. As long as it is legible, a copy may be used for any future warranty claims. Recent Lifesmart Heating and Cooling questions, problems & answers. What should you know before buying a heater? I work in an electronics field. Efficient and long-lasting PTC heating element quickly heats up to provide heating. The rocking thing unbelievably does work, sometimes. Why is the power light blinking? If you decide to do it anyway, please be aware that, not only are you prone to voiding your warranty, but you may also risk fire, damage to property, or injury of which you will be liable. The older unit stopped working altogether, I took the unit apart and found the main power switch on the back of the unit had melted and was burned brown on all of the connections a better switch would have solved the problem. Once I plug the unit in and turn it on, how long will it take to heat my room? Lifesmart Bermuda hot tub is having some problems. You have to almost gut the unit. 3. Why does my heater’s fan continue to run even after the set temperature is reached or the power is turned off? There can also be a problem with the wall electrical outlet or your home's electrical supply. The unit works great. With the sensor removed from the heater, using an ohm meter, it tests eratic open and closed. Unplugging, rocking the unit (There's a unit "tilt" switch which they say may cause the problem.) I've taken it apart and almost everything seems fine on the inside. Will an infrared heater help me? Should be by itself due to safety precautions. It was displaying 90 degrees and the heater symbol but after turning off power in an attempt to reset the controls the display is blank (but lit). EXAMPLE: TO CALCULATE PER DAY: TAKE .15¢ (COST PER KWH) X 8 (AVERAGE USE PER DAY IF USED PROPERLY) = $1.20 PER DAY. The 1500 watt tower heater provides added warmth to any room. If the heater is not 10 inches from the floor, you will have to reposition it. At 1500 watts, your heater will use approximately 5100+/- BTUs. The heater must be plugged into a wall outlet that is a DEDICATED CIRCUIT, with a minimum 15 amp rating on that individual circuit. Why is this? Two to three-prong adapters are not suggested, as we have seen unwarranted results from the use of these on our heaters. Purchased one of these 3 months ago. It heats up, but won't shut off. Also, the heater will stay on longer (delays the “off” cycle), and may increase your electric costs. 7. i checked the connection on there and it's loose on the bottom connection. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. Most electric heaters will automatically shut off if they tip over. But make sure they are not plugged into the same circuit. What is the life expectancy for the heating elements? Inposuit triones ipsa duas regna praeter zephyro inminet ubi. Jim. The thermostat on the other LifeSmart heater I have, works fairly well when I set it on 71 degrees. E-1 is typically an error code that indicates a possible overheat warning. To me, the LifeSmart portable Infrared/Quartz are nothing but a piece of garbage. 8 Shares. Important note: Do not confuse a “circuit” with an “outlet.” An “outlet” is just the plug on the wall. What is affected by the HI setting is the heat output. 4. After a short time it turns itself back on with a beep. The main power lights up. We have answers to your most frequently asked questions and more. Lifesmart corp technical support is not authorized to give replacements or refunds and cannot replace cosmetic parts that were damaged in shipping. This odor will sometimes be present when the box is opened, and may be compared to a heaters version of “new car smell.” When exposed to heat, the coating may produce an odor during the first few hours of heat element operation, but will dissipate after the break-in period. Yes, i received a bit of a shock from handling it too much trying to figure out why it was so hot. Turn the heater to the “On” position. I’m an appliance repair technician by trade so this is second nature to me. To verify your warranty registration, contact us or visit the warranty and tech support section of our website. Heaters are considered appliances and since each of our heaters technically draws anywhere between 10 and 14 amps on its own, each heater requires its own minimum 15 amp circuit with no other items plugged into that circuit. Only difference is i've never seen an E1 error. Can I use the heater to heat multiple rooms at the same time? This could be due to a few things, and we suggest you review each of the following, and record your finding. What are my operating costs? Click on the link to see the full complaint. A few nights ago, i was trying to run the heater and it was shutting itself off and while it was off, i raged on it grabbed it and shook it cursing it. PS. I have two heaters I bought the "New" 6 element heater after a few months the control panel stopped working. You will be able to use an infrared heater, but keep in mind that rooms/structures with open floor plans, minimal insulation, adjacent rooms, or high ceilings will not retain the heat as efficiently, and may not feel pronounced heat changes. The life expectancy of the heating elements is typically 25,000 hours. Do you have it on a dedicated outlet/15amp circuit? I will stick to the Edenpure heaters from now on. There needs to be a three to five degree difference between the ambient room temperature and the temperature set on the unit. Can my heater really save on my energy bill? Now nothing spa is only 13 months old. Was there a part number associated with this? Another problem that can cause the heater to malfunction is if the heater guardrail is … Does the E-1 come on all the time (as soon as you plug in and power up), or intermittently only? 2. Please check your filter on the back of the unit to ensure it is clean of debris. It's sad how they want so much for a product that won't work for the price they want to sell it for. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us for more information. Free expert DIY tips, support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all Lifesmart Heating and Cooling products. The E1 error. It can also be used as an energy-saving source of comfortable heat when used as a supplement for other heat sources in your home. Economically, how do infrared heaters compare to other forms of heating systems? Turned the unit off this morning to leave for work when my smoke detectors in the house goes off.

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